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Mudda Fuccca

New member
Jan 13, 2020
Name : Mudda Fuccca

Steam ID ( :

Hours on the Server ( : 75 hours currently number 9 for top time

Why do you feel you deserve mod? : I feel I deserve mod because I am on alot and despite my age I am very responsible and I am on almost everyday for at least an hour or two. I have lotsof fun on the server amd I can see myself playing everyday. I witness a lot of people breaking the rules when there is nobody online. I am currently in the process of learning the rules so that I can be a great mod.

What experience do you have? : I have no past experience I am hoping that this can be a first

Age : 13

Is there anything else that we should know?
: I'm going to be 14 in 11 days
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